In Africa, we are addressing the financial vulnerability of smallholder farmers through the provision of affordable insurance protection against extreme weather conditions. We entered the market in Q4 2016 with our first venture pilot in Zimbabwe. We returned to the market in Q4 2017 with an improved and expanded offering, and we scaled up the venture in Q4 2018. In 2019, we are expanding the venture across Southern and Eastern Africa.


  • Designed a highly-customizable index product that can adapt to different soil types, crops, seed varieties and farming practices

  • Developing solutions across a number of agriculture value chains, including those of coffee, cocoa, cassava, sugar cane, tea, grains, oil seed crops, beans, groundnuts, paprika, cotton and livestock pastures

  • Developing vernacular and simple language materials and processes to educate farmers in person through a train-the-trainer methodology

  • Innovating through the experimentation of improved ground and aerial sensed datasets to increase the accuracy of satellite data and reduce basis risk



Way Forward

Applying the learnings with smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe, we are expanding and adapting the solutions across Eastern, Southern and Western Africa through human-centered designs. We are working with input providers, retailers, buyers, financiers, MNOs and NGOs across value chains to build awareness, educate and offer these solutions to farmers so that they can experience microinsurance firsthand. In addition, we are working with savings groups and migrant families to improve how they cope with catastrophes and emergencies so they can focus on building their futures.

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