Latin America



In Colombia, we are mitigating smallholder coffee farmers’ vulnerability to adverse weather conditions. We launched a pilot microinsurance program in collaboration with Nestlé Nespresso S.A. in Q3 2018 and have expanded our geographical footprint in Colombia since then. The program is a co-creation of farmers, Nespresso coffee specialists and Blue Marble insurance experts. It provides tailor-made coverage for excess rainfall and drought during the developmental stages in which coffee is most vulnerable to climatic shocks. This protection, which was not previously available in the market, helps smallholder farmers continue to invest in their fields in the aftermath of adverse weather events.


  • Embedding the insurance proposition in farmers’ value chains to enhance trust in the program, focus the design on farmers needs, and facilitate financing for the microinsurance premium

  • Using innovative satellite technology to reduce operational costs and provide farmers with a simple, timely and reliable microinsurance solution

  • Using behavioral science and impact evaluation to continuously improve the program design and farmers’ satisfaction

  • Keeping the design customizable so that it can be adapted to serve the needs of farmers in other regions and of other crops

Photo courtesy of Nespresso

Photo courtesy of Nespresso


Way Forward

Building on our experience in Colombia, we are working to protect smallholder farmers in other countries across Latin America. We are collaborating with different partners in farmers’ value chains to achieve this goal. We are also developing microinsurance solutions to protect other underserved populations in the region, particularly microentrepreneurs and transnational families. Our strategy is to continue creating novel solutions with our customers, addressing the risks that matter to them and for which the market does not provide suitable protection. Our focus is on microinsurance solutions that create lasting social impact because they facilitate improved access to opportunities for the underserved.

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