Blue Marble incubates and implements microinsurance ventures. A Blue Marble venture can take two different forms.

First, a venture can be a portfolio of end-to-end products and services that collectively extend insurance protection to emerging consumers. This form of venture includes an insurance product that recognizes the needs of the underserved and is supported by a distribution solution, an operating platform for collection of premiums and payment of claims, risk management capabilities, data analysis and measurement processes, and a risk-sharing program.

Second, a venture can be a market-enabling innovation, such as a data hub or mobile technology for premium collection/remittance, that Blue Marble designs, owns and extends across markets.

Blue Marble develops ventures that address societal problems, including food security, financial inclusion, and the advancement of microentrepreneurs. Blue Marble’s ventures involve four stages: ideation, acceleration, piloting, and scaling.


Blue Marble will incubate 10 ventures in 10 years, an indication of our long-term commitment and desire to act.


Acceleration Stage (partial list)

We are in the acceleration stage of:

  • Addressing the protection gap of smallholder coffee growers against climate risk in Latin America
  • Providing a continuum of safety nets and promoting financial inclusion in East Africa
  • Providing a continuum of safety nets and promoting financial inclusion in India

Pilot Stage: Zimbabwe

We are providing drought protection to smallholder maize farmers in Zimbabwe.

Key aspects of our venture include:

  • The design of a proprietary index to support the insurance product, which is a collaborative innovation of data scientists and agronomists from the eight consortium companies
  • The use of two-way mobile communication with customers to improve the overall proposition continuously 
  • The use of innovative point-sensor technology to measure rainfall and plant health throughout the growing season will complement traditional grid remote-sensing data to create a higher-resolution parametric insurance cover