Blue Marble incubates and implements microinsurance ventures that address societal problems, including food security, financial inclusion, and the advancement of microentrepreneurs. Blue Marble’s venture process involves four stages: idea generation, acceleration, pilot and scale.

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In Zimbabwe, we are addressing the financial vulnerability of smallholder farmers through the provision of affordable insurance protection against drought and excess rainfall.

Focus area: Agriculture
Stage: Pilot (launched in November 2016)


  • Designed a highly-customizable index product that can adapt to different soil types, crops, seed varieties and farming practices
  • Protecting farmers across a number of crops, including maize and paprika
  • Innovating on the use of remote sensors and two-way mobile communication channels to improve the quality and scalability of agriculture microinsurance



In Colombia, we are extending crop insurance protection against adverse weather conditions to smallholder coffee farmers in partnership with Nestlé Nespresso S.A.

Focus area: Agriculture
Stage: Pilot (to launch in 2018)


  • Embedding the insurance proposition in the farmers' value chain together with a world leader in shared value creation
  • Using leading edge technology to design, communicate, and monitor the program
  • Using behavioral science for customer testing and financial literacy campaigns



Blue Marble has five platforms, which are a coherent set of related capabilities in a few chosen, high-impact areas relevant to our mission. Platforms represent a continuously improving repository of tools and knowledge that drive synergies across market-facing ventures and value creation. Platforms underpin our ability to design and launch ventures quickly and efficiently. The platforms are as follows:

  1. Climate Risk
  2. Technology
  3. Data and Services
  4. Social Impact
  5. Behavioral Change