Blue Marble


ASSA Panama Digitization

Venture Name: ASSA Panama Digitization
Subtitle: Digitization of data exchange between ASSA and its distribution partners
Case study date: September 2021
Location: Panama


Blue Marble is enabling ASSA to scale-up by digitizing problematic interfaces with insurance distribution partners.

Opportunity / Problem

Distribution opportunities are being held back by manual data exchange.

ASSA’s data exchange interfaces with its insurance distribution partners are often manual, making them inherently expensive to scale and prone to error. This, in turn, creates a bottleneck to the scaling potential for ASSA.

Partners and their roles


We enable ASSA to scale and expand its distribution network.

Using Blue Marble’s proprietary DxSuite platform, ASSA has established scalable and controlled digitized interfaces with its distribution partners.  DxSuite is flexible, allowing for improved control of data files and full integration using APIs. In addition, each data exchange is fully configurable, including data validation rules for each field of incoming data.

Results / Impact

Blue Marble delivered immediate benefits for ASSA with the potential for more.

The easy configuration of o products allowed ASSA to transition two of their most problematic manual interfaces within only days of implementation. Based on these results, ASSA is expanding the solution to other distribution partners to unlock scale for previously unavailable opportunities.


“The objective we set up to fix is the longstanding problem of how to communicate with different partners, customers and aggregators. 

Everyone has their preferred file format to exchange data (text, pdf, excel, XML, json and others) and data representation scheme. Because we usually cannot say ‘no’ to a customer we must adapt our data intake platform to what each customer uses to transmit. Creating these data interfaces is laborious, and slow.

This is where Blue Marble’s DxSuite helps us implement the data interfaces quickly, allowing us to reduce the time-to-market from a couple of days, sometimes even weeks; to just a few minutes.”

Andrés Eduardo De La Guardia, ASSA