Blue Marble


A proven track record

16 august 2021

Blue Marble partners with Asia Insurance and Reap Agro to launch index-based crop insurance solution
in Pakistan

Blue Marble, an insurtech delivering affordable insurance protection
programs to benefit low-income families and small businesses in…

9 october 2020

Congratulations to World Food Programme for being awarded the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

We are incredibly proud to be working with the Programme in Africa to improve food security by protecting vulnerable smallholders in…

11 september 2019

Blue Marble Grows Partnership with the UN World Food Programme in Africa

Since 2018, Blue Marble and WFP have been working together in Zimbabwe in the R4 Rural Resilience Initiative, protecting…

4 september 2019

Blue Marble expands weather index insurance program for smallholder coffee farmers in Colombia

The CaféSeguro program provides tailor-made insurance coverage for severe rainfall and drought during the coffee crop’s developmental…